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 ***The information on this webpage is for the Community Assessment ONLY.  However, we felt it necessary to explain both the community and the organizational assessment below to help give everyone a better understanding of the entire process and how the two components will work together.


To assess the behavioral health needs of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students in grades K-12 (Community Assessment - $7,000) and evaluate the organization's capacity to provide services that cater to these needs (Organizational Assessment - $20,000).  Based on these assessments, a collaborative plan will be co-designed to guide the expansion of community-based organizations' capabilities in addressing the behavioral health needs of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ children/students in grades K-12 affected by COVID-19.

  • COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT ($7,000) - Community engagement element that will engage parents, caretakers, and others connected to youth. This assessment will include education and dialogue around responding to the behavioral health needs of children in their families and community as a result of impacts of COVID-19.  All participants MUST be over the age of 18.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT (20,000) - organizational landscape assessments that will include, but not limited to a needs assessment, framework adaptation, and a CBO capacity map. Partnering CBOs will also be offered the opportunity for credit in the final framework to be delivered through this initiative.



    • You must confirm with your regional team member prior to beginning work.  This is a simple email to your Regional Director that gives the date, time, location, and brief overview to include the number of anticipated participants, details on the COVID-19 element of your event, the amount of any facility rental fees, and if refreshments are needed.
      • Example – Hi Jane, This is John with HAPE. We are planning to conduct a community event on Saturday, January 10, from 10a – 1p.  We are expecting 40 people at this event.  During this event, we will conduct the 90-minute community assessment and provide attendees with some type of COVID-19 PPE (face mask, hand sanitizer, test kits, etc.).  The event is taking place at Gateway Community Center and the rental fee is $125 and we’d like to provide bottled water and chips.
    • You will receive an email confirmation from your Regional Director with the status of your event. If denied, your Regional Director will provide feedback on what needs to be altered for approval.
    • Only if you have submitted on documentation by the deadline
    • If there are unforeseen delays, such as a late payment to the NC Counts Coalition by NC DHHS, the NC Counts Coalition will notify you as soon as the delays arise.



  • Each event must be at least 90 minutes and contain the elements below.  
    • 3 - 30 minute event components
        • Component 1 - COMMUNITY QUESTIONNAIRE - The purpose of the questionnaire is to understand your participants’ definitions of behavioral health and their knowledge of resources available in their community.
        • Component 2 - EDUCATION - Provide information on the medical definition of behavioral health and findings of the impact of COVID-19 on children’s behavioral health.
        • Component 3 - DISCUSSION - Have a discussion to understand better what is important to your participants and determine how state agencies can make behavioral health resources available to their community. You will need a NOTETAKER for this component.  Remember, the Notetaker should run the audio recording device. This could be a cell phone, computer, or other device that has an audio recording function. Make sure to test the sound quality prior to your event to ensure that you can clearly hear all communication that takes place during your event.  

  • EVENT SIGN-IN (KEEP THIS SHEET - this will be needed for your final report)

  • Facilitation – Refer to the FACILITATION GUIDE



  • How many gift cards for participants?
    • If you have 50 participants, each is eligible for 3 gift cards, totalling 150 gift cards in this case.
    • Each CBO is going to get a different amount as discussed with regional teams. If you run out of gift cards, then CBO’s can request additional cards if needed.

  • Does my event have to have an attendance of at least 25 people?
    • No, CBO’s must submit at least 25 - 50 responses total to meet requirements. This may be broken up into multiple events summing up to the required amount.

  •  If two people attending are parents to the same child, are they both eligible for gift cards?
    • Yes - we are processing gift-cards individually, not by household.

  • Are we only inviting parents to this session?
    • No - anyone who interacts with BIPOC or LGTBQ+ K - 12 students! This could include: parents/guardians, teacher/coaches/mentors, faith-based mentors, after-school activities mentors and others who work with BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ youth.

  •  Do we technically need to host an event? Or are we able to survey door to door?
    • Yes, you should be hosting an event. Sessions are designed to be a total of one hour and thirty minutes of content and discussion. 

  • Can we host virtual events?
    • Yes, you can host virtual events! Camera’s will be required to remain on. Sessions are designed to be a total of one hour and thirty minutes of content and discussion, and you may want to include additional time for participants to check-in and grab a refreshment before you begin, or additional time to sign-off on their participation at the end as they collect their gift card. Gift Cards will be mailed (not emailed) and postage will be provided at no cost by NC Counts. 

  • Can we just do one component at an existing event and give out gift cards?
    • No, your participants must complete all three components to be eligible to receive a gift card. We recommend hosting a separate event due to the length of the components. 

  • Is the expectation to host 3-events?
    • No, the expectation is one event with 3 components. You may host more than one event, but it is not a requirement.

  • Can a student who is 18 years or older participate in the event for gift cards?
    • Yes, if the student is 18 years+ they may participate in the event and qualify for gift cards.

  • Can a student who is under the age of 18 participate in the event?
    • Yes, students who are under 18 may participate in the event but they are not able to receive gift cards for their participation.

  • Can a student who is under the age of 18 participate in the event and their parent receive their gift cards on their behalf?
    • No, gift cards will not be distributed for the participation of anyone under the age of 18.

  • Can CBO staff participate in an event to receive gift cards?
    • No, CBO staff may not receive gift cards for participation in events.

  • What is the maximum amount of gift cards a participant can get for participating in all 3 sessions of the event?
    • 3 -  $25 gift cards (one per component) for a total of $75.

  • Can a participant receive gift cards for participating in 1 or 2 sessions at an event?
    • No - participants must participate in ALL 3 sessions to qualify to receive any gift cards. 

  • What if a participant completes component 1 and decides to leave the event or arrives late and misses component one?
    • The participant does not qualify for any gift cards. 

  • How many events does a participant need to attend to receive the 3 total gift cards?
    • The participant must attend 1 event and participate in all 3 components to receive the gift cards. 
  • Can a participant attend a second event hosted by our CBO and receive 3 additional gift cards?
    • No, they may not. Participants are only eligible to attend one session and receive those gift cards. 
  • What kind of gift cards will participants receive?
    • Gift cards will be similar to Visa gift cards. They are prepaid and eligible to be used online, over the phone and in your favorite stores and restaurants across the country—like Target, Walmart, Olive Garden and more.





 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential crisis resources for you and your loved ones.
Anxious? Depressed? Text 988 to chat with a trained crisis counselor for free.